The Aluminum Extruders Council filed a new petition with the US Department of Commerce on Jan. 9, asking it to find certain Chinese-produced aluminum extrusions converted in Vietnam to be subject to existing US antidumping and countervailing duties. It is claimed that Zhongwang’s affiliates in Vietnam change the shape and form of these Chinese extrusions in minor ways and export them to the United States and claim the origin is Vietnamese, to avoid American duties. The AEC’s petition also includes other Vietnam-based producers that follow similar practices.

U.S. Department of Commerce self-initiated anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations for imports of common alloy and aluminum sheet products from China on Nov. 30, and imposed preliminary anti-dumping duties of 96.81-162.24 percent on aluminum foil from China. In addition, Commerce is also in the midst of the Section 232 investigation, which aims to determine if aluminum imports threaten national security and could result in the introduction of tariffs or duties to other aluminum products.


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