Sinoway Carbon awarded an EPC contract to SAMI on December 29, 2017 to build a calcined petroleum coke(CPC) project with an annual output of 280,000 tons in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province. The project is the first phase of the plant’s planned capacity of 840,000 tons, for which Sinoway Carbon has signed an investment agreement with the local government in November. The total amount of the contract was not disclosed.

Sinoway Carbon, a joint venture between Shenzhen Sinoway Carbon Investment Holding Co., Ltd. and Emirates Global Aluminium (“EGA”), is a relatively new player in the CPC market – established in 2011, and one of the advocates for vertical shaft furnace(VSF) technology with an annual output of 560,000 tons. Its products mainly serve overseas markets.

SAMI, a wholly owned subsidiary of Chalieco, is one of the few leading technology providers of alumina, aluminum, CPC (VSF & Rotary Kiln), and carbon.


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