After eight months of construction, Chalco’s aluminum smelter project in Shanxi Province (Shanxi Zhongrun project) is ready for operation. Located in Lüliang, Shanxi Province, the project was jointly developed by Chalco, China Resources Coal Group, Xishan Coal Electricity Group, and Jinneng Electricity Group to install 2 sets of 660 MW coal-fired generating units and a 500kA potline of 368 pots. The project with a planned annual capacity of 500,000 tons has secured 432,000 tons of capacity quota through capacity swap with Chalco’s other obsolete potlines.

With access to the abundant bauxite and coal resources in Lüliang City, Chalco plans to build a highly advanced and integrated aluminum production and fabrication base in the city, covering the full chain from coal, energy, bauxite, alumina, to aluminum. The company is gearing up for another 500,000-ton smelter plus power plant project in the area.


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