Baise Mining Group broke ground on a $2.53 billion aluminum fabrication plant complex on Dec. 22. The complex will include a rolling mill with an annual output of 450,000 tons, a 160,000-ton pipe rolling project, a 100,000-ton automotive radiator composite project, a 200,000-ton foil project, a 1.8 million-piece automotive casting products project, and an aluminum wheel project with an annual capacity of 1 million wheels. The total fabrication capacity will reach one million per annum. The complex is estimated to be pre-operational by June 2020.

Baise Mining Group, formerly known as a coal mining company, formulated a strategy of transforming from a coal mining enterprise to a diversified group based on coal, energy, and aluminum. By 2020, it plans to build a total capacity of 3.2 million tons of alumina refining, 1.5 million tons of aluminum smelting, 1 million tons of anode production, and 1 million tons of aluminum fabrication.


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